Open Life —— 有关开源的哲学




这是一本从芬兰语翻译为英语的,译者为Sara Torvalds。

Are French farmers a bunch of mean-spirited creeps? Are all nerds courageous, and laziness a virtue? Why did Stephen King leave a horror story unfinished? What business models survived the Internet bubble? Among the many entertaining and thought-provoking ideas presented in Open Life, ants screw up, and Harry Potter even casts his spell in German.

The hot topics in information technology (IT) right now are Linux and Open Source. But what does Open Source offer those, who may not see their computer as a matter of life and death? Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source spotlights the people, businesses, values and practices of the Open Source world. In assessing its development Open Life recounts over 60 case-study-like stories that illuminate exactly what is so miraculous and wonderful in this new paradigm for producing software.

Divided into four parts, Open Life starts rather philosophically by comparing the concepts of openness and mean-spiritedness with a clarity that highlights the latter’s devious impact on our everyday life. Part Two explores the Open Source culture from the time Linus Torvalds began writing code for his new operating system, how he behaves as a leader, and stating the virtues of a programmer. Part Three comprehensively reviews some Open Source business models and evaluates both their economic and ethical sustainability. Leaving the world of software behind, Part Four considers how successfully open business models can be applied in fields as diverse and wide-ranging as mining, literature, and fashion design.



有关 Debian Linux 发行版的描述

Debian 某种程度上是商业的过分主导的一个平衡,可能某些商业版每年发布两个版本,而Debian二年才发布一个版本。Debian有自己的原则和指导。

Open Everything

All great waterfalls begin with the small rivalets.



  • 为什么开源项目只是拿来,然后过一阵子再合并,如此反复?
  • 为什么公司不提倡大家参与到上游组织?
  • 为什么开源的经济利益,大家都在视而不见的甘愿吃亏?
  • 为什么人们对开源背后隐性的知识和工程负债视而不见?
  • 为什么本土的人对待个人有着固定的模式?仅承认集体的存在?
  • 为什么人们会将读书视为一种装逼?
  • 为什么只能是拿来主义?
  • 为什么你要改变现状?
  • 为什么你看到的世界就是真的世界?
  • 人的认知和心理究竟是如何被误导的?
  • 该如何启蒙?


Open 是一种思想,是一种生活方式!